The Energy Network has received reports that an unknown organization is calling homeowners while improperly using The Energy Network’s phone number, 1 (877) 785-2237, as their caller ID. The Energy Network does not do outbound sales calls, and is not the source of these calls. False phone calls like this should be treated as scams and are a form of “Caller ID Spoofing.”

The Energy Network is taking action to investigate the source of the calls. Please take note and be aware of caller ID spoofing.

If you have doubts about an incoming call from 1 (877) 785-2237, please hang up and call  The Energy Network directly to confirm you are speaking with an authorized individual. You can also read about Caller ID Spoofing at the FCC website.

About The Energy Network

The Energy Network is not a contractor. It provides energy rebate and financing information to homeowners and contractors.

The Energy Network is administered by the County of Los Angeles and funded by California utility ratepayers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. If you would like more information about The Energy Network, please contact us directly at 1 (877) 785-2237 or