Customer testimonials.

Improved comfort

“The insulation in the attic made a noticeable change immediately. We haven't had to use the heater in our home because the temperature inside our home has remained consistent and comfortable.”

Carmen's Story

Customer testimonials.

Save money on energy bills

“I like that I will be saving energy and that I received a rebate to help with the cost. Also that you The Energy Network kept me updated and the efficiency of Home Upgrade.”

Laura and Gary's story

Improving your home, the Whole House way.

Your house is a complete system, with many parts working together. Sometimes, “hidden” improvements offer the most benefit. For example, your air conditioner can keep your house cooler using less energy if you seal the air ducts and eliminate drafts. Home Upgrade uses a Whole House approach to help you choose the right upgrades for your home.

  • Improve your comfort and indoor air quality
  • Reduce your energy use with an upgrade
  • Invest in your home and increase its value
  • Earn rebates and incentives

A Participating Contractor can help you choose the right options for your home – and make sure you are eligible for rebates and incentives. Find a Home Upgrade Participating Contractor or call (877) 785-2237 for more information. Qualified projects must be completed by a Participating Contractor. Conditions apply.